Apple’s just laughing at its customers now

So, here’s Apple’s new book, Designed by Apple in California, available now to all Apple “fans” for the bargain price of $200-$300 (Note: You only get one of the books pictured below for that price):

“Designed by Apple in California” That shouldn’t offend me, but it does right now.
“Remember when we changed everything with the iPhone. . . . Buy the new iPhone.”
“Buy an Apple Watch.”
“Remember when we were actually creative and innovative and you bought our classic products. . . . Keep that in mind when you give us $300 for a book.”

I’m not going to provide the links to the store page or whatever because I don’t agree with how much Apple is charging for this product. And, if anyone buys this book glorified product catalogue (most catalogues offer far more useful information and value than this book) for the $200-$300 price that Apple is asking, I’d have to conclude that maybe they deserve to be ripped off—but I won’t be a part of it.

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