A response to GoNintendo’s latest talking point regarding the “Nintendo bump”

Here’s the video:

My Thoughts:

The “Nintendo bump” is definitely real, although maybe not to the extent some people like to pretend it is—but it is there. I’ll give you an example: I watched my bro playing Breath of the Wild the other day and he was constantly going on about how gorgeous it looked, how beautiful the water effect was, how stunning the grass detail was, how amazing the huge open world was, that kind of stuff, and he was basically saying it like it was pretty much the most impressive stuff like this there had ever been in a videogame; that’s how it came across to me anyway. This is slightly ironic considering my bro had already played The Witcher 3 at that point, and if you put Breath of the Wild next to games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3 it still looks very good in its own right but not exactly cutting-edge or truly mind blowing—certainly not graphically (even as lovely as it is). So, imo there’s a slight distortion there basically because he’s judging it from the point of view of someone who’s not really seen this kind of graphical quality in Nintendo games before, but it isn’t necessarily taken in the broader context of where graphics are at across the industry*. Therefore, given that he clearly isn’t a unique example—see Josh Thomas’ [The Bit Block] recent video on his first minutes with Breath of the Wild for example, where he is gushing no end—there will be many cases where the overall presentation, visuals, and graphics are being kind of overrated and overstated to a degree, as though they exist in a vacuum and all those other far more powerful systems, including high-end PCs, simply aren’t a thing.

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Capcom is releasing The Disney Afternoon Collection (six classic games in one pack)

The game releases on April 18 and will be available as a digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99/£15.99/€19.99.

Strangely, it’s not been announced for the Nintendo Switch, even though I think it would be perfectly suited to Nintendo’s shiny new hybrid portable/home-console.

It still looks pretty cool though.