Here’s one of the first Nintendo Switch ads

Looks decent enough and gets the job done.

I think I’d like to see a series like this where each ad focuses on a particular aspect of the console. So, in this ad there wasn’t any focus on the Joy-Cons at all, but in the next ad they could show the Joy-Cons properly in action, both for playing regular games and with full motion controls (much like the old Wii ads), as well as attaching and detaching them from the main Switch console unit. And there would be basically no focus on stuff like using the Grip or using the system in tabletop mode.

I think that would work, and it means you don’t have to put too much stuff in each ad and potentially confuse people. Although, I expect Nintendo already has a similar plan for its Switch ads anyway, at least going by this one, so I should get my wish. 🙂