IGN Game Scoop! 381

Here’s are some of my thoughts on the episode:

Bad games I spent way too much time on back in the day

Only one springs to mind immediately: I spent more time on Cyborg Hunter for the Master System than I should have, which made sense since I only had a few games when I initially got the system and felt like I had to spend as much time as possible on each of them. But it really was wasted time:

On Stardew Valley

I watched some Stardew Valley gameplay footage the other day, after seeing/hearing Justin wax lyrical about it on the last episode of Game Scoop!, and it actually looks really good:

I’ve not had a chance to play it but I’d love to give it a try.

On Broforce

Yeah, I’ve not played this game either but it does look really cool:

And let’s not forget everyone’s “friend to play with”:

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