This Famicube concept is awesome

You can read a lot more about this system on the Nintendo Life article and/or the original creator’s page for the project.

The Famicube
The precursor to the final Famicube design

And this is just a visual mockup of a hardware concept; the guy’s even designing the internal motherboards and coming up with all the system specs and stuff too
Just looks at the gorgeous sprite art here, and with enough colours that it passes the just-below-the-min-colour-threshold limit that NES games always suffered from and sits somewhere between the lovely Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive or SNES level of visuals
Again, truly gorgeous sprite work and pixel art going on here
It’s so close to being a real thing
The guy’s even taken the time to mockup game boxes

What a cool frikin’ idea, and I can’t believe the amount of thought, time, and effort that’s went into it. Major Kudos.

Now, make it happen.

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