Way to the Woods: A visually stunning game, by a 16 year old

Check out these beautiful screenshots from the upcoming adventure game, Way to the Woods, which was created by a 16 year old named Anthony Tan (lead developer and artist) and his team of obviously very talented developers:

And the animation is looking likes it’s on course to match the stunning artwork/graphics too, which is something I can personally appreciate:


Utterly gorgeous.

Now there is a young lad and team with some serious talent.

See more at the game’s tumblr page.

My single tip for the team, based on what I’ve seen so far: Make sure to include an option that let’s us turn off all the HUD/GUI elements, as it would be a crime to force even the smallest amount of that overly “gamey” type stuff on us when you’ve achieved such a beautiful visual look/style:


Here’s a classic game that would be fun in VR

A new Shufflepuck Café, where you don’t just move the paddle across the flat surface of the table but also up and down too.

Now, some of you young’uns may think this looks boring, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun—and it would be scary as hell with that puck flying towards your face at fall speed, especially in VR.

Ahead of the Nintendo/NX curve, again

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There’s rumours of the NX working with smartphones, PCs, and even competing games consoles like the PS4—now possibly being a universal controller crossed with a handheld or something like that—as well as a recent patent that shows a controller with a touchscreen across it’s face, and there’s even talk of the console being a home/handheld hybrid system, among other things.

And if it turns out the NX actually is some kind of universal console/PC controller that’s also a self-contained portable then I’m calling it now that I thought of something just like that a long time ago, and it’s from the same two main designs that I’ve brought up time and time again recently.

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A sneak peek at Chapter 5 of my virtual reality novella, Presence (first draft)

Note: This is actually a fan made image for No Man’s Sky, but it looks close to how I imagine the world in my story looking, specifically when the player is playing a space-shooter VR game called The Last Galaxy, and I just thought a pic would be nice. 🙂

Chapter 5

You maniacs. You blew it up!

I hadn’t touched the computer since the previous afternoon. Maybe the random crashes I’d been experiencing throughout the week had something to do with Polybius—I was seriously beginning to suspect that was the case—or maybe the machine really was on the fritz. Either way, I didn’t want to jinx it. It was twenty past five, however, and it was nearing the time that Polybius had said he would contact me again. I pressed the power button on the computer. At the very least, I wanted to make sure everything was ready and waiting—because I wasn’t going to miss that particular message.

While the computer was warming up I took a routine look out the window, just to make sure the world outside was still ticking along. I looked up at the sky. It was dull and grey, as though it was about to rain. I looked down at the street. The same old—wait . . . what was that? A police car was parked on the road below, positioned right in front of the flat. My heart skipped a beat. Could the police be here because of—

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Kirk’s Top 10 Super Nintendo Games (in pics)

Seeing as it’s my favourite console of all time, I decided it would be fun to list my personal Top 10 SNES games (shown in pics/screenshots).

First, the Runners Up/Special Mentions: Here’s a few games that didn’t make the Top 10 list but are still some of my favourites on the system:

U.N. Squadron

Super Punch-Out!!

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