Sky Pop costume added to Super Mario Maker

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I want a Mario game that looks like that pic ^^^ (but still in modern full 3D, or even really well done 2.5D). There’s more charm and character and just magical whimsy in that whole look and feel than I’ve seen in basically any of the 3D Mario games, and certainly any of the more recent “New” Super Mario games. They all went a bit plasticky and rendered looking at some point, sort of devoid of any real heart and soul visually/aesthetically.

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Here’s the latest draft of my new novella, Presence.


Give it a read and let me know what you think. Any feedback—stuff you think could be added, changed, improved, or whatever—is very much welcome.

Note: The format isn’t supposed to be perfect for publishing, just decent enough to make it easy to read as a .pdf for now. So don’t worry too much if I’ve broken some of the best-practice rules for how a manuscript should be formatted; simply enjoy. 🙂

You’re also welcome to check out my other short story, Outside, if you haven’t read that yet:


Super Mario World Let’s Play: Part 2.

Check out the second part of my Super Mario World Let’s Play:

This is part of the SmallFryUnify Games Lounge series, and this particular episode starred me, Shaun, and later on, Lindsey.

It was mostly great fun but a couple of the levels were absolute torture, and I think at one point I was stuck on a single castle level for damn near an hour.

Good times! 😉

Episode 1 can be found here:

Visit the SmallFryUnify Twitch page here:

A thought on Nintendo’s slight change in business direction going forward…

So I think I’ve just figured something out that might explain [to me at least] why for the first time Nintendo seems to be going off on a slightly questionable tangent in terms of its core business and competencies, as I see it, with this whole out-of-left-field Quality of Life (QOL) thing.

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I Really Love Video Games

I found an old document while poking around in various files and folders on my computer today and I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys. I originally sent this to Rare when I applied for a job there many years ago, and I also sent the same document to Rockstar North too when I applied for a job there many years later. Even after all these years I feel it perfectly sums up my passion for and commitment to video games, and the views expressed within still hold true to this day.

Note: The text has been slightly modified a couple of times over the years, generally just to improve the writing and to update some of the games that are mentioned, but other than that it’s basically the same as it was in the original version that I sent to Rare all those years ago.

“Over the years I have played many great video games, from classics such as Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2, Pokémon, and GoldenEye, to newer games like Eternal Darkness, Halo, and Journey—to name a few. Each time I experience a genuinely great video game it reminds me why I love them so much.

As a child there is a certain magic quality about many occasions: The night before Christmas, waiting for Santa to visit and deliver your presents; and the excitement, tension, and anticipation that something special is going to happen. On Christmas day when you open your presents it is enchanting playing with your toys for the first time. When people grow up and as the world itself matures, this excitement is often lost, and along with it those childlike feelings of wonder and magic.

I want to recreate the magic I experienced as a young boy discovering the power of video games for the first time. I would like to work on video games that are so special that when a child, teenager, or adult plays them they are immediately inspired and their lives are changed. I want to help inspire the next generation of game designers and enkindle the passion in people who had not previously been interested in video games to become a part of this amazing industry.

It is my ambition and desire to create exciting new worlds, characters, and experiences that allow people to escape from the daily routine for just a little while and travel to wondrous new places full of imagination and adventure; and through electronic entertainment it is possible to achieve this goal. Some people do this by directing awe inspiring film epics, or by writing wonderfully enchanting fairy tales. Others compose beautifully moving and uplifting melodies. I wish to realise it in video games.

I always enjoy reading this every once in a while, just to remind me that true love really is forever. 😀

Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

Satoru Iwata, the President and CEO of Nintendo, has just passed away out of the blue; so I thought I’d post this document that I found while poking around in various files and folders on my computer the other day. I think it’s rather apt:

The Power of Video Games

That Christmas would transform his life forever. He was given a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a copy of Super Mario World.

Through this game he was transported to an enchanting island filled with wonderful landscapes and magical creatures. Here he was given the heroic charge of defeating an evil king and his minions, and rescuing a beautiful princess. He controlled his own destiny through his actions and decisions and found ever more inventive ways to overcome the obstacles before him. The challenges grew constantly harder and more risky, but the reward of success became ever more satisfying.

The young boy was reminded that he had to face similar obstacles in real life, but he was ready to face the challenges no matter how hard, and overcome them, because he too could be a hero if he was determined enough, in any world, real or imaginary.

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